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In the last recent years, Mexico has recieved a reputation of being one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. Medias from all over the world have covered cartel violent behaivors that have left the average citizen with doubts about traveling to Mexico, even if it is for a couple days for medical treatment. There are 2 reasons why the information that is portrait to foreigners is extremely misguiding:

Mexico is a very big country. The majority ( almost 80%) of the violence that you hear on the news about Mexico is concentrated from selected areas and cities such as ( Juarez, Sinaloa, Monterrey, Tijuana and Tamaulipas ). Almost 100% of the violence that you hear on the news is drug-related and has nothing to do with foreigners or have any foreigners been affected by it. 

Just like anywhere you go, you have to stay away from the bad side of town.  According to, there were approximately 32,115 gun related deaths in the United States in 2011:
Article :

When traveling for a Tubal Ligation Reversal procedure, you would only need to stay in Mexico for a couple days. More than likely you will not be physically able to wonder around the city alone due to the fact that you just had surgery and you need to recover. The hospital where we work with for all Tubal Ligation Reversal procedures is Hospital de la Familia in Mexicali, BC Mexico. The hospital is located just 200 yards of the US border and it is the 1st hospital you see from the new entrance. If you as a patient prefer to only stay at the hospital and go back to the United States after the surgery it can be possible. you can completely avoid the city of Mexicali unless you request to have a tour of the city which can be done complimentary by the hospital. 
Mexicali is considered one of the safest border cities in Mexico. Due to it's proximity to the United States, medical travelers can be picked up and dropped off from as far as San Diego, CA, Yuma, AZ and /or Palm Springs, CA with private transportation provided by the hospital. Here is an article by the LA times that speak about the tranquility of Mexicali:
So, is going for Tubal Ligation Reversal surgery in Mexicali safe? Absolutely. You should be more worried about how your little one will turn out once you get pregnant again.